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Do you need professional Mailing House services that match your specific needs? APD Ltd is a Mailing House based in Swindon, Wiltshire. We offer data cleaning (using Royal Mail's PAF software) and de-duplication, letter and label laser-print, address ink-jetting, envelope supply and overprint, poly-wrapping as well as hand or machine fulfilment.


We opened our first office in a small Unit on the Westmead Industrial Estate, West Swindon in the year 2000. We quickly gained a reputation for our efficient, no-nonsense service and consequently out grew these premises. So we moved to a new Unit in Callenders - again in West Swindon. From this base, we steadily grew our Client portfolio and enhanced our reputation for offering an efficient, thorough and professional Mailing House service to small and medium sized businesses in Wiltshire, Berkshire and Gloucestershire. Our low set-up fees and free advice made us an ideal choice for small to medium-sized mailers. Nowadays, we'll handle anything from 500 high impact mailers to 60,000 charity mail-shots. 


In 2008 we moved to our existing leasehold premises on Clearwater Business Park. Based in our heartland of West Swindon, but just off Junction 16 of the M4, these new premises have provided us with the ideal base to expand our services along the M4 corridor. We are now proud to count multi-national Companies in Reading, Marlow, Oxford, Bristol and London, alongside almost every commercial printer in Swindon, among our valued Clients.


If you need advice on your first mailer or a quote to compare with your existing Mailing House, if you think your fulfilment services need freshening up or you need an idea of costs for your forthcoming marketing budget, then please give us a call or drop us an email. We'd very much like to help. 


We're proud to be involved with the 2015/2016 Season Ticket Campaigns for these Football Clubs: Southampton FC, Brentford FC and Fulham FC. 


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  • People love Direct Mail; have 92% have gone online as a result of DM. Most online traffic is generated by DM

  • Great to be working with @Acorn_press on a very large courier job. Thanks to @Interlink_uk as well. Here we go!

  • Serious gas leak locally on the 5th. Great credit to SWDC for battling through & ensuring our time-sensitive mail was collected.

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February 2017

It’s been emotional darling!
Research by Royal Mail suggests that, on average, a useful or interesting mailing will trigger 4.7 further actions. These range from discussions with family, visiting a high street shop or website, or simply posting a comment or ‘like’ on social media. So, while the obvious measure of a Direct Mail campaign will be the ‘response rate’ from that one campaign, the ongoing ‘ripple effect’ from further actions is not always recognised. It’s been proven that the best mailings might trigger a further 8 actions on top of the basic (measured) response.
So if you want to create powerful, lasting, EMOTIONAL impact, then look no further than Direct Mail.

February 2017

People don’t like Direct Mail........they LOVE it!!

People in the UK keep mail for an average of 17 days (they delete emails within a matter of seconds); 60% of consumers say the best mail keeps a sender’s brand top of their mind; for 57% mail makes them feel more valued; and 92% have gone online as a result of mail. Let’s face it, with mail you get to touch it, feel it, see the quality and smell. It’s evocative and something that is beyond mere pixels.

January 2017

On Friday, a certain Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. His election victory into, arguably, the most powerful job in the world was a shock for many and now the world is wondering what will happen during the President Trump term.

Here we look at a couple of the key ways in which decisions President Trump makes might affect UK business…




While President Obama stated during the EU referendum that Brexit would place the UK at the back of the trade queue, President-elect Trump has been more welcoming. Speaking to the Times this weekend he said he wants to have a free trade deal with the UK, signature ready for as soon as we leave the EU in 2019: “I’m a big fan of the UK, we’re gonna work very hard to get it done quickly and done properly – good for both sides.”

The UK currently exports more than £30bn worth of goods and services to the US so ensuring that this can continue will be vital for UK businesses.



Another Trump election promise was to limit immigration and put restrictions upon who can enter the country. There’s been differing statements about who this would affect, ranging from people who come from countries known to have a terrorism problem to a wholesale restriction on Muslims. It’s thought that this will be one of the first policies that President-elect Trump will put in place and UK businesses who have offices in the US will be eager to know the details.




Trump’s victory in the election back in November prompted a sharp dive on the stock markets and in exchange rates. Both have rallied since then but these markets hate uncertainty and surprises. With much of Trump’s policies unknown, and his habit of using Twitter as a way to make unexpected announcements, it’s likely that the markets might find the Trump presidency an uncomfortable rollercoaster ride and that’s likely to affect the global economy as a whole. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. In a recent survey conducted by the Financial Times, they asked over a hundred financial organisations how they think President Trump will affect the UK economy – and 25% said they thought it would have a positive effect.

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