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May 2020


Staying in touch with elderly and vulnerable people

Many Football Clubs have taken steps to stay in touch with their most vulnerable fans during these difficult times. Many elderly fans are self-isolating and it's important that they don't feel ignored and they continue to get groceries delivered. We took the opportunity to offer our services free of charge to help contact those fans that may not have an email address or telephone details.


We're pleased that Bristol Rovers and Brentford both took up our offer and we were able to help them stay in touch with several hundred fans that would otherwise have passed through the net.

August 2019


Single use plastic

The environmental impact of a Company like APD will always be more than that of an individual. We have always felt that changing the habits of our Company will offer more benefits to the environment than any person can make on their own.


Oxo-degradable polythene

This is why we changed to oxo-degradable polythene more than a dozen years ago, when the product was first on the market. We post thousands of poly-wrapped items every year so it's incumbent on us to do this as responsibly as possible, while still meeting our Clients' requirements. Oxo-degradable polythene is made from petro-chemicals, with an additive that ensures that it will break down under landfill conditions within 2 years. It has a low cardon footprint, is strong, clear and reletively cheap. It is crucial that the item is either sent to landfill, or recycled with other plastics. This is why we encourage all of our Clients to put clear instructions on their address carrier so that the recipient will know how to dispose of any packaging in an environmentally responsible way.


Compostable polythene

Since the 'Blue Planet effect' compostable polythene has become very sought-after. It is made from potato starch and breaks down completely in a garden compost within 4 months. It is not as strong or as clear as other forms of polythene but if it helps save the planet should we really worry about whether it is slightly cloudy looking when it arrives through the door? It is considerably more expensive than other polythene and does have a higher carbon footprint than our oxo-degradable alternative, but we are hopeful that both these measurements will reduce as the product is manufactured in greater volumes. Crucially, this polythene should NOT be put into landfill or recycled with other plastics. It does not breakdown at all under these consitions and should be placed into a compost bin, or a food waste bin. Again, we encourage all our Clients to advertise these facts on their address carrier.


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