Environmental Policy

At APD we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our business. We take every effort to reduce wastage and ensure that our clients are fully aware of the eco-friendly options available to them.

Sourcing Materials

As part of our commitment to eco-friendly operations, we focus on using as many recycled materials as possible in our mailings. A large number of our envelopes are sourced from recycled stock and all other paper is, of course, sourced responsibly and FSC certified. We also only provide oxo-degradable, compostable or carbon neutral polywrap options.

Disposing of Materials

We recycle a number of materials used in our mailings including paper waste and leftover items, polythene wrapping, toner cartridges, wooden pallets and much more. 

Internal Policies

  • Staff are encouraged to car share and use public transport to reduce CO2 emissions
  • We operate a closed-door policy at the warehouse, to minimise heat loss
  • Machines are always turned off after use and many lights use sensors to turn off automatcially
  • We encourage bulk packaging of leaflets and brochures when possible to reduce unnecessary wastage
  • Staff are reminded of their environmental obligations on a monthly basis 


Higher quality data is much better for the environment because more up-to-date, accurate data means your direct mail reaches the intended recipients. If fliers, brochures and booklets aren’t reaching the correct audiences then they’re being wasted. This is bad news for your business and the environment.

At APD we offer a range of data cleansing techniques to optimise their databases used for direct mail. In addition to this, we help clients by working with them on mailing returns and by updating them on undelivered records to keep their databases up-to-date.


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