What we do

We offer almost everything you need to undertake a Direct Mail (DM) campaign. Whether you’re a local small business considering your first mail-shot to potential customers or a large charity raising donations from your database of thousands, we can help. 


We offer......


1 - Initial advice to you or your design agency regarding the postage options available to you.


2 – Software and expertise, at very competitive prices, to get your data into a format suitable for mailing.


3 – Laser-printing services that enable us to print letters, carrier-sheets, address labels and various other DM options. Our laser-printers can print onto a wide variety of base stock.


4 – High-speed ink-jet machines for ink-jetting addresses and strap lines onto postcards, outer envelopes and other carriers.


5 – Several poly-wrap machines to enable you to post your magazine or newsletter in clear, environmentally friendly, degradable or compostable polythene. 


6 – Commercial Printing services (if required) to help with your leaflet, brochure and magazine print.


7 – A large, experienced team of production staff who can enclose and dispatch large numbers of mailers every day.


8 – A wide range of folding and enclosing machines that enable us to process a vast number of items 


.........but most of all, we offer the friendly, efficient (and sometime old-fashioned) service that you would expect from a family-owned business that has been operating in the DM marketplace for ​over twenty years.

Another Perfect Delivery Ltd
Westmead Drive

Westmead Industrial Estate



Tel: +44 1793 608920
dave@apdltd.co.uk or viv@apdltd.co.uk



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Monday: 8.30am - 4.30pm

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